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The Amazon Rainforest & Brazil

5th and 6th class have had a busy start to the new term.

The Amazon Rainforest and Brazil have been our themes for the month in SESE. There has been some great learning on the former with pupils now able to identify the four layers of the Rainforest whilst in pairs they also researched and presented to their peers about one animal which can be found in the Rainforest. In the last week, the class has commenced creating scenes from the Amazon Rainforest using Scratch coding.

There has also been some great work done on Brazil too, as it is one of the eight countries which the Amazon Rainforest is part of. We drew and labelled maps of both South America and Brazil. The class also undertook two wonderful Art lessons on contemporary Brazilian artist Romero Britto. These included studying cubism and pop art which is very much Britto’s style and we enjoyed creating pieces of work in his style which features black border lines, bright and bold colours and various patterns.