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Student Council Podcast: Episode 1

Last week, Luca, Taylor, Arina, Steven, Wissam and Pat worked very hard to create their first podcast episode. They created this episode over two days and took turns interviewing children from different classes. Pupils were nominated by their class teachers and were very excited to be involved.

The Student Council members were so professional while interviewing fellow pupils and you could be forgiven for thinking that they’ve done this before! They brainstormed their own questions, wrote scripts and agreed upon who would speak first, next and last.

We used our new Kinia podcasting equipment and edited the files using Riverside.FM. ]We hope you enjoy listening. We had a lot of fun creating it: https://riverside.fm/shared/exported-clip/80901517c5f4c2b3ccd2

Thanks to Deethya, Alex, Martin, George, Daniella and Chantelle for being our first guests.

We look forward to creating more podcasts with our new Student Council next year!