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Home School Community Liaison

Hello, my name is David Rundle and I am the Home School Community Liaison Coordinator for Ennis Educate Together National School.

I am here to support parents and to promote partnership and cooperation between home, school and the community.

I can be contacted by phone call, text or WhatsApp on 089-4771298.

Contact me if you have a concern, if you want to let us know about an absence, if you’re interested in a course, class or any aspect of school life! I also visit the homes of parents and hope to strengthen the links between home and school.

I look forward to inviting you into the Parents’ Room in the school and having a chat and a cup of tea! We also hope to run courses and classes for parents, and we’re always looking for ways you can be involved in our school.

What to do if your child is absent

If your child is absent from school, it is important to let the school know.

You can either:

  • Use the Aladdin Connect app OR
  • Call, text or Whatsapp David HSCL on 089-4771298 OR
  • Call the school office on 065-6820070

And then

  • Provide a note of explanation on return to school
  • Provide a medical certificate if your child was out sick