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The much anticipated annual EETNS Sports Day took place on Wednesday 14th of June in Glenina Field. 

On arrival, pupils found 5 stations. Each class spent a good deal of time at each station before moving onto the next station. The following were the stations:

1. Running Races

2. Long Puck/Long Kick

3. Last One Standing

4. Penalty Shootout

5. Tug Of War

There was great sport at each station with pupils taking turns, being helpful towards each other and showcasing their great skills against each other and even competing against teachers at times! 

A sports day medal presentation followed that afternoon. Many thanks to the teachers who acted as starters, race result recorders and finishing line assistants, especially Julie who made a video review of the day which accompanies this.

There were many red faces and tired bodies at home time but overall a great day was had by all!