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Active Schools

Festive 4km

On the 20th of December, our Active Schools Committee organised for the whole-school to take part in a Festive 4km.

Pupils were given the option to wear festive Santa hats and/or Christmas jumpers if they desired. Each member of each class completed a total of 1km on the day by running and walking around the school basketball court. Meaning that between all the classes in the school, well in excess of 4km was covered on the day.

Most importantly, it was a really enjoyable experience for all the children and pupils and teachers alike got their festive celebrations off to a healthy and active start.

Yoga Classes

Prior to our Christmas Holidays, we were very fortunate to have qualified yoga instructor Eimer McCarthy come to the school for six Thursdays, to provide yoga classes throughout the school.

Pupils really enjoyed acquiring and performing new yoga poses and found the classes each week really enjoyable and relaxing. We hope to continue to use some of our poses for the rest of the school year as movement breaks and would love to have Eimer back again next year.

Active Schools Flag

Ennis Educate Together National School is currently working towards the Active Schools Flag. The Active School Flag (ASF) is awarded to schools that strive to achieve a physically educated and physically active school community.

Why not keep up to date on progress by checking in here, to read about all our active initiatives and activities.

The much anticipated annual EETNS Sports Day took place on Wednesday 14th of June in Glenina Field. 

On arrival, pupils found 5 stations. Each class spent a good deal of time at each station before moving onto the next station. The following were the stations:

1. Running Races

2. Long Puck/Long Kick

3. Last One Standing

4. Penalty Shootout

5. Tug Of War

There was great sport at each station with pupils taking turns, being helpful towards each other and showcasing their great skills against each other and even competing against teachers at times! 

A sports day medal presentation followed that afternoon. Many thanks to the teachers who acted as starters, race result recorders and finishing line assistants, especially Julie who made a video review of the day which accompanies this.

There were many red faces and tired bodies at home time but overall a great day was had by all!